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About us

Mission ja vision

The mission of the Kuulsaal is to provide the highest quality entertainment service through the best service, a modern environment and an excellent product range.

Our vision is to make the world happier and better by connecting people, fighting boredom and offering good emotions.

The Kuulsaal offers a truly rich food menu using only the highest quality and freshest ingredients. The menu has been carefully and lovingly compiled by our chefs Siret Anton and Fred Ehand, with the aim of offering customers good emotions through tastes. From the menu of the ballroom, everyone will find the choice they want, be it lunch, dinner, a meeting or a party table. We are proud of our food choice!

Our chief bartender Jonne Kääramees, with the help of the best colleagues in England, has put together a very pleasant selection of refreshing and uplifting moccasins, cocktails and shots from classics to real surprises. Every drink is special and worth a try!

We know that perfection requires commitment, and we strive to ensure that the time spent in the Kuulsaal offers our customers a quality opportunity to spend time and good emotions!

The kuulsaal makes the party roll!

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